React Native 0.8.0-rc and 0.7.1 released


New Features


  • Animation API: As mentioned above, there is a new API for animating components. See the animation documentation to learn more.
  • Text decoration: The Text component supports various CSS-like decoration props: textDecorationColor, textDecorationLine, and textDecorationStyle. See UIExplorer and the documentation for the supported values.
  • Opaque nav bar: NavigatorIOS has a new prop called translucent. Set it to false to turn the nav bar opaque.
  • Scroll view composition: ListView has a new prop called renderScrollComponent. Set it to a function that takes props and returns a scroll view element. This allows you to return custom scroll views.
  • Image load events: The Image component supports three new events for downloaded images: onLoadStart, onLoadProgress, and onLoadError
  • System font: There is a special font family called "System" that tells Text components to use the system font. Apps on iOS 9 will use San Francisco instead of Helvetica Neue. In addition, the system font on iOS is configured with several typographical options like the widths of digits and vertical positioning of colons that the Apple font team has chosen.


  • Fewer UIViews: Improved rendering performance by eliding UIViews for shadow views that solely affect layout. 02db374
  • RCTResponseErrorBlock: Authors of native modules now can use RCTResponseErrorBlock(NSError *) instead of RCTResponseSenderBlock(id) to pass errors back to JavaScript.
  • NSSet coercion: Native module methods now can have parameter of type NSSet. RCTConvert will automatically convert JavaScript arrays to NSSet objects.


  • Custom transformers: You can pass --transform /a/path/to/a/transformer.js to the packager to customize how it transforms your app's JavaScript source code.
  • Faster Babel: The packager uses a faster version of babel-core for a 40% improvement in transformation 7d184ad
  • io.js and V8: io.js includes a modern version of V8, which improves the packager's performance by around 5-10%

Bug Fixes

  • Improved scene and focus management in Navigator 7963add e3e6098
  • Windows support for the packager. #893
  • Fix crash when running with Address Sanitizer with Xcode 7 #1712
  • A method previously named tick has been renamed to pass iTunes Connect validation #1722
  • InteractionManager no longer warns if the user performs a gesture for longer than two seconds 776dc97
  • Data from older scroll events is no longer dropped coalescing them #1782
  • Native ListView child frames are kept in sync with the JavaScript component 66d3f3c
  • The XHR polyfill properly lowercases response headers internally #1876
  • Fix crash when getting current thread name and include in prod traces #1833 #1868