React Native v0.38.0-rc.0 released

v0.38.0-rc.0 on GitHub (npm)

Breaking changes


New features and enhacements
  • Deprecate MapView in favor of airbnb/react-native-maps (dca53fe) - @mkonicek
  • CSSLayout: Update CSSNodeFree for C#, Java and Objective-C (31d3926) - @splhack
  • CSSLayout: Suggest the compiler to inline smaller functions (942f724) - @emilsjolander
  • CSSLayout: Don’t preallocate child lists (d932c96) - @swolchok
  • CSSLayout: Exposing layout cache check publicly (e7dc71b)
  • Use native animations in TouchableBounce and TouchableOpacity (1bb323e) - @skevy
  • Show Warning for Background Remote Debuggers (8b653cd) - @yungsters
  • Adding Jest preset so that people can configure Jest using react-native as preset (6d3e074)
  • Use yarn when available (94711bf) - @mkonicek
  • Fallback to JS Animation if native animated is not present (3237ade) - @fkgozali
  • Upgrade to lodash@^4.16.6, results in faster packager and smaller npm install size (237ab33) - @zertosh
  • Bunch of documentation updates, including better user experience, more detailed explanations and more. Thanks to @aybb, @lacker, @hramos and the entire team!
  • Integration test stability: add delay before starting TimersTest (0698b2b) - @dlowder-salesforce
  • Modernize AppContainer and add rootTag in the child context (fb7fe2d) - @fkgozali


  • Android shouldn't dispatch onLayout if frame didn't change (d4b8ae7) - @hayeah
  • HeadlessTask: Fix memory leak (3af104f)
  • Fix bug in canUseCachedMeasurement causing unneeded double measure (3c5a7ae) - @emilsjolander
  • HeadlessTask: Fix notification task timeout crashing (3580de5)
  • Queue JS calls that come in before JS bundle has started loading instead of crashing (68aeffe) - @astreet
New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements