React Native v0.34.0-rc.0 released

v0.34.0-rc.0 on GitHub (npm)


New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements
  • Add TextInput controlled selection prop on iOS (f0a3c56) - @janicduplessis
  • Send down image source to RCTImageView onLoad callback on iOS (84f68c3) - @javache
  • Rename RCTImageView source to imageSources (bfa01f0) - @javache
  • Remove deprecated RCTImageSource method (a718f14) - @javache
  • Allow <Modal /> to be configured with a custom presentation/dismissal block (d8b2bab) - @mmmulani
  • Ios: complete iOS vibration pattern supports (js) (2cfe774) - @zxcpoiu
  • Support RCTNetworking#clearCookies on iOS (63931b1) - @nevir
  • Avoid sending out multiple requests for the same image (86fbf23) - @javache
  • Avoid reloading images that are already the source size (6f7898e) - @javache
  • Verify exported modules only once to support dynamic context in DEBUG-mode (101190f) - @kasper
  • Display React Native Modals with transparent background (029f568) - @mmmulani
  • Expose overflow prop to layout engine (4178d21) - @rigdern
  • Clean up NSClassFromString in Libraries/ (8a8ac77) - @swolchok
  • Modulo node (82dba51) - @ryangomba
  • Only initialize FrescoModule once (c0de1a7) - @oprisnik
  • Support bundle argument for image loading (46b54fd) - @javache
  • Update React Native minimum OS version to iOS8 (07553d0) - @javache
  • Use NSURLComponents.queryItems instead of parsing query strings (6abacc8) - @javache
  • Remove -RCTJSExecutor errorForJSError: - @indragiek
  • Support sync method calls in the objc bridge (dda3c5f) - @javache
  • Remove last arg from RCTProfileEnd, make macro's function-like (1a7c231) - @javache
  • For file uploads, don't stomp on developer's Content-Type header (9304df3) - @rigdern
  • ActionSheetIOS - Pass URL, not file contents to UIActivityViewController for file URLs. (4f004fa) - @sheparddw
  • Improve (RCTJSErrorFromCodeMessageAndNSError) (d31756b)
  • CLI run-ios on device (48ab5eb) - @LearningDave
  • NavigatorIOS System Icon Support (9e6e573) - @jacobp100
  • Allow <Modal /> to be presented in different orientations (de3457f) - @mmmulani
  • Revert "Remove RCTLog from prod builds" (4b86889) - @javache
  • Enable versionning in xcode project (ad0c8e6) - @callmephilip
  • Scope RCTReloadNotification to one bridge (afde9da) - @terribleben
  • Start measuring RCTPLBridgeStartup and RCTPLTTI early (532751f) - @alexeylang
  • Guard against possible race conditions in RCTAllocationTests (f1c158e) - @frantic
  • Allow PhotoKit to download photos from iCloud (b0c13eb) - @ronaldheft