React Native v0.25.1 released

v0.25.1 on GitHub (npm)


Requiring React API from react-native is now deprecated - 2eafcd4 0b534d1

New features
  • Add support for JavaScript third-party debuggers - 4c8a9f0
  • Add key to footer wrapper in WindowedListView - 58db9f3
  • Add support for missing XHR response types - fcc89e9
  • Add a way to prefetch remote images to cache with Image.prefetch - f7bcb3e
  • Add transform-es2015-function-name to the react-native babel preset - 855c0cc
  • Add instructions to reload simulator for non-QWERTY keyboards - c417c2e
  • Add support for ontimeout and onerror handler when using XMLHttpRequest for Android and iOS - d09cd62
Bug fixes
  • Add null check before accessing the refresh control ref - eac617d
  • Fix HMR on Windows - c61100d
  • Fix up PanResponder example - 05a852a
  • Fix an issue when the title in NavigationExperimentalHeader would block touches for the left component - 86d5c52
  • Fixed images required from node_modules - d0566d8
  • Fix an edge case in hot module reloading - 41576ea
  • Fix warnings in UIExplorer example pages - 528cf68
  • Fix perf tab missing key warnings - b7a3272
  • Fix swiping in navigator too quickly causes the gesture to be lost - ca2fb70
  • Fix border radius / background propagation issues in TicTacToe example - 97f60ad
  • Fix race conditions in Portal when simultaneously closing/opening - 7354ff3
  • Fix ImageEditingManager when no external cache - fffcb9c
  • Fix RefreshControl refreshing state - 93b39b7


New features
  • Added support for textDecorationLine style prop on Android - 2039be9
  • Added support for Image corner radius on Android - 69534a3
  • Added WebChromeClient as default WebView client f94abd3
Bug fixes
  • Fix DrawerLayoutAndroid method parameter - d66b944
  • Fix DrawerLayoutAndroid not able to set opacity - 7851572
  • Fix an issue with removeClippedSubviews and TextInput - 89340f1
  • Add support for WebSocket protocols argument - 914f33c
  • Fix systrace logging reported by RUN_JS_BUNDLE - 2d0051f
  • Fix Promise argument assertion to take into account executorTokenOffset - e27a27b
  • Fix Modal crash caused by accessibility bcf91bc


New features
  • Added cache prepare step for packager in ios e2e test - a6a5ef4
Bug fixes
  • Fix UIExplorer Image example on iOS - a10c1b5
  • Add missing RCTConvert import - db25ab4
  • Fix coalescing key generation for RCTTouchEvent - 8efc098
  • Fix failure of pod lib lint - ef044e2
  • Fix css-layout measure mode changes from pull request #163' - 7a1b072