React Native Periscope Hearts Animation

Give him enough time and Jason Brown is going to animate all things!

If you're familiar with the Periscope hearts animation, that's what he's very going to reproduce right in React Native.
But wait, inspired by Shapes of CSS, he's also challenged to build up the shapes straight from its code lines.

React Native Periscope Hearts Animation blog post

I was contacted asking if it was possible to recreate the periscope heart animations in react-native. I was also linked to someone rebuilding the same effect in Framer.js, you can check out the linked video here

Periscope not only has an iPhone/Android app but it also has a web app with the same heart effect. I could take a look at the animations being done on it but we’ll just eye ball it.

If you appreciated the hearts shape building, here is a bonus read:

The Shapes of React Native

Periscope Hearts Animation Hearts Animation