React Native on the Universal Windows Platform

Brace yourself, Winter might not be coming for at least ten more days, but Universal Windows Platform apps are.

During the second day of Facebook's F8 2016 was announced that Microsoft has joined forces on React Native, bringing it to the Universal Windows Platform.
This simply means that React Native apps will be running on Windows Desktop, Xbox and Windows Phone (and even HoloLens!).

Can't help yourself and want to see a demo right away?
Watch Christopher Chedeau unveling it at Facebook's Open Source booth.

Are you ready to hear more? Well, the project is already available as a fork (for now?) on GitHub.

ReactWindows/react-native on GitHub

React Native on the Universal Windows Platform blog post on

F8 Developer Conference's Windows 10 Mobile app

But wait! There's even more, if you want some developer's juice, here is Eric Rozell sharing some implementation details.

Bringing the F8 App to Windows with React Native blog post

...and, if you were guessing CodePush is also starting to support Windows too.

React Native for Windows + CodePush