React Native January 2018 (v0.53.0) released

v0.53.0 on GitHub (npm)

Welcome to the January 2018 release of React Native. The CLI tools now support --port for both platforms. There was a lot of under-the-cover work done.

If you would like to help us with the next release changelog, please contact @grabbou


  • Keyboard events now include easing and duration (4d33080 by @sahrens)

iOS exclusive additions

  • react-native run-ios now supports the --port argument for metro (33d710e)

Android exclusive additions


iOS exclusive changes

Android exclusive changes


  • TextInput no longer has the autoGrow prop, since this is platform-default behavior now (dabb78b by @shergin)

iOS exclusive removals

  • Updates to the bridge in order to enable future rendering optimizations (d2dc451 by @shergin)


  • Do not set minify=true when calculating the list of dependencies for the CLI (4a1bb8f by @rafeca)
  • 👷 Update CODEOWNERS now that the docs are in a separate repository (85ff264 by @hramos)
  • Fixed a broken link in react-native-git-upgrade's readme (bbedf2d by @Taym95)
  • 🤡 Do not use Node 8.x specific for FS mocks (4216cde by @hramos)
  • Fix virtualized cell keys for list headers and footers (a010a0c)
  • Fix warnings of casting and null pointer handling in Yoga (a8d4666 by @priteshrnandgaonkar)
  • Fix broken buck failures on master (4e76701 by @hramos)
  • RefreshControl appears correctly when expected on initial render of a FlatList again (9b877d6 by @vonovak)
  • Fixed JS debugger CORS issue (df8da3b by @njbmartin)

Android exclusive fixes

  • Fix position of dev loading view on Android API < 20 (7ff6657 by @kmagiera)
  • Fix Modal not disappearing when navigating from inside a Modal to another activity (e5c2a66

iOS exclusive fixes


Below is a list of the remaining, low-level changes that made it into this release of React Native.