React Native January 2017 (0.41.0) released

v0.41.0 on GitHub (npm)

This is 0.41.0 release, referred to as "January 2017" according to the new release schedule.

New features

Android: Nodes

This feature is currently experimental. You can turn it on by applying this in your ReactNativeHost subclass.

Nodes is an experimental, alternate version of UIImplementation for ReactNative on Android. It has two main advantages over the existing UIImplementation:

  • Support for overflow:visible on Android.
  • More efficient generation of view hierarchies.

The intention is to ultimately replace the existing UIImplementation on Android with Nodes (after all the issues are ironed out).

Feature development and bug-fixes related to Nodes are listed below in a separate section for better clarity.

Check the readme for more details.

Breaking changes

Android: Change ReactNativeHost getUseDeveloperSupport to public

f3c8158 - @jpshelley

This changes the visibility of getUseDeveloperSupport from protected to public. In order to upgrade, you should replace the following in your

protected boolean getUseDeveloperSupport() {


public boolean getUseDeveloperSupport() {

Android: ReactClippingViewGroup is moved to another package

57ebb98 - @astreet

Developers using ReactClippingViewGroup may need to update their imports from:

import com.facebook.react.views.view.ReactClippingViewGroupHelper;


import com.facebook.react.uimanager.ReactClippingViewGroupHelper;



New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements



New features and enhancements