React Native February 2018 (v0.54.0) released

v0.54.0 on GitHub (npm)

Welcome to the February 2018 release of React Native! This release includes work done by the React Native team and the community in January, and there are some big changes here after the holidays. Thanks for 270 commits from 87 contributors, you all are great! Here are a few highlights from the release:

  • Long awaited Blob changes: upload, download, fetch locally, and more
  • Sticky headers now work on inverted Lists
  • Update to the newest React, which deprecated some lifecycle methods and added new ones – expect Yellowbox until React Native is updated
  • Space-evenly is now there (sorry for the confusion with 0.52's release notes)
  • A lot of under-the-covers work on Yoga, iOS's Text and TextInput, and a ton of other areas
  • Multiple crash fixes

The changelog is arranged by the customary added, removed, changed, and fixed plus internal; the changes are also organized by platform.

If you want to get involved in the process of preparing releases and making changelog (yes, we need your help!), please get in touch with me.

We keep the draft of changelogs here: Visit this repository for tracking the progress of upcoming releases and suggesting improvements to the current one.


VR Specific Additions

Android Specific Additions

iOS specific additions


iOS specific removals

  • Removed outdated assertion in RCTShadowView related to breaking change in Yoga (e3ff3cf by @shergin)

Android specific removals

iOS specific removals


iOS Specific Changes

Android specific changes


  • Fix JS debugger issues related to CORS (29f8354 by @njbmartin)
  • Keep the .gitignored files during the react-native-git-upgrade process (7492860 by @ncuillery)
  • Fix re-render case on SwipeableRow (a580a44)
  • Fix display of syntax error messages when HMR is enabled (2b80cdf by @ide)
  • Add fixtures to metro blacklist in order to let build succeed (4194bb2 by @t4deu)

Android specific fixes

iOS specific fixes

  • Make sure refreshControl shows up on initial render if specified (ed5872e by @vonovak)
  • Fix Crash when CameraRoll is getting assets from iCloud and no filename is provided (2ae2436 by @pentarex)
  • Fix Xcode Archive task failing if project path contains whitespace (8aa568e by @jevakallio)
  • react-native link has been fixed to correctly link iOS and tvOS targets (a63fd37 by @dlowder-salesforce)
  • GLog fix on case sensitive APFS macOS (2fef1ba by @hovox)
  • Fixed issue where you cannot launch tvOS app on Apple TV simulator (afd988f)

Internal work