React Native December 2017 (v0.52.0) released

v0.52.0 on GitHub (npm)

This release had a lot of work around the bundler and packager, a ton of bugfixes, and updates to many of React-Native's dependencies. Lots of under-the-hood work was done as well to improve the layout engine. Happy new year!

If you would like to help us with the next release changelog, please contact @grabbou

New features


  • Ignore YellowBox warnings with YellowBox.ignoreWarnings([...]) rather than console.ignoredYellowBox = [...] (26038f5 by @wli)


Bug fixes


  • Removing reactBridgeDidFinishTransaction from RCTScrollView (a255204 by @shergin)
  • Removing inherited background color optimization from RCTText to reduce code complexity – please give feedback if you find performance differences! (8c8944c by @shergin)


Below is a list of the remaining, low-level changes that made it into this release of React Native.