React Native Animation Book

You can't really stop someone doing what's he's passionate about, can you?
So, here is Jason Brown, after his series of Animation related blog posts has started writing a GitBook about React Native Animated library.

We really expect it to become a complementary resource to the official API when it comes to anything related to Animated.

React Native Animation Book

React Native has had a fantastic reception. There have already been a ton of great applications built using React Native. However one hugely important part of mobile applications is animations. React on the web has generally been pretty poor at dealing with animations, however there are some great people out their attempting to solve this problem. One such solution is react-motion

However react-motion utilizes setState which if you are animating components with signifcant amounts of children will cause a lot of diffing. Christopher Chedeau then gave a talk at React Rally, which you should watch here Christopher Chedeau - Animated. Additionally follow along with the slides here

This was a novel technique and really shows off the flexibility of React. Currently it only works on React Native but there is a non-working port for the web.

There is already some great documentation written up on the React Native Animated library here It's not perfect by any means but that's what this book is here for. I'll be covering all of the APIs, basics, and other topics.

We'll also be covering LayoutAnimation which you can read up on here

react-native-animation-book on GitHub