React Native "36 Questions to fall in love" App

Valentine's Day might be gone, but fear not! Love will find its way.
Oh wait, here a full iOS app showcasing React Native and its AsyncStorage API, among others.

Based on a published study and popularized by a New York Times article, the 36 questions presented in this app are designed to help two partners create a stronger bond through mutual, increasingly intimate, disclosure.

In order to facilitate long and deep conversations, the app does not have any timer, but rather tracks your progress based on questions answered. Furthermore, by allowing you to see a list of all the questions and see the ones you have done (unique feature), you can quickly get back to meaningful conversations at a later time.

  • Large text and clean UI for readability
  • Tracks your progress so you can come back to it later
  • See a list of all the questions at a glance
  • Quickly jump to different questions
  • Visually see your progress


Number of Questions Answered Indicator Splash Screen