Product Hunt iOS app built in React Native

Richard Kho is building up its own Product Hunt iOS app and in the process he spun off not one but two tutorials about React Native components. He might not even done yet. Kudos.

product-hunt-react-native on GitHub

A Product Hunt iOS app built in React Native

Section Headers in React Native ListView Components

I wanted to have my main component's ListView render more than just the current day's list of products from Product Hunt's API. Their API lets me make requests based on either a certain day or X previous days. That part's easy (we just keep a counter of the number of days we've gone back, and increment it by one every time we need to make another call).

The challenging part was how to section off these lists -- continually updating our ListView, separate them by sections based on the date, etc.


Persisting TabBars in React Native

You know how you open your favorite application and it has that tab bar at the bottom with different options?

And then as you go deep into one of those tabs, that bar still stays exactly where it is?

And when you finally tap on the same icon again after being a million layers deep it pulls you right back to the beginning?

Ever wonder how to make it happen? I have, so I decided to find out.