Give your React Native forms loving they deserve

Mike Grabowski has setup a great tutorial that will walk you through a pretty interesting implementation of Johannes Lumpe 'sreact-native-keyboardevents in order to improve your App's User Experience.

On of the best things in React Native is the ability to write the native interface with Javascript that feels way better than any hybrid solution out there. Having your UI represented as a set of UIViews, UITextInputs are not only a great way to make your app interactive but also to make your users feel at home.

In almost all typical applications, we have forms. We use them to interact with our users by getting the data they have provided. With forms — there comes our good friend — the state-of-art iOS keyboard. In this short article, we are going to show you, how we’ve managed to make your interface play well with different keyboard states by utilising react-native-keyboardevents making it super easy to replicate that functionality between different pages.

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React Native forms

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