Facebook SDK for React Native apps gets revamped (and Android support)

It's something that was eagerly awaited for, and now it's done!
Facebook has released a new version of its official SDK for... well, Facebook, that includes Android support as well.
You can now relay on the official SDK for features like Login, Sharing, App Analytics and Graph API.

Make sure to grab the v0.1.0-alpha!

react-native-fbsdk on GitHub

React Native FBSDK is a wrapper around the iOS Facebook SDK, allowing for Facebook integration in React Native apps. Access to native components, from login to sharing, is provided entirely through documented JavaScript modules so you never have to call a single native function directly.

Functionality is provided through three separate npm packages so you never have to include more than you need:
- react-native-fbsdkcore - react-native-fbsdkshare - react-native-fbsdklogin

Facebook SDK for iOS