Deco, the React Native IDE: now free and open source!

There's not much to add this time.
Go. Grab. It.

Ok, if you didn't got hyped much since March, when Deco was announced and screencasted, then:

What is Deco?

Deco is an IDE for React Native. It's an all-in-one solution for writing React Native apps that you can download and use without any environment setup. Deco improves the React Native development workflow by focusing on component reuse and enabling you to edit your UI in real time.

When you try Deco, make sure you check out:

Component Search & Insert

Search a collection of zero-setup components (sourced from this registry). The component's code and import statements are generated automatically when you drag the component into your code. Dependencies are installed automatically. You can access this same feature directly from the text editor with the cmd+i hotkey.

Real-Time Tweaking

Change any value in your code in real-time. Just alt+click a literal value (number, string, boolean) in your code to add it to the inspector, where you can then tweak it easily. Don't forget to turn on hot-reload in your simulator with cmd+D.

 New File Scaffolds

Writing boilerplate sucks! Create new React Components instantly!

Deco, the React Native IDE

And also, if you didn't like it enough, Deco is now Open Source!

deco-ide on GitHub

Deco Screenshot