Routing and Navigation in React Native with ExNavigator

Being one of the key features of any App, React Native's Navigator has gone through some changes, and will surely get even much more attention from the React Native team in the future.

The React Native community won't stay put in the meantime though, so here is James Ide from the Exponent team (and active React Native contributor), with his opinionated take on the Navigator.

Route-centric navigation with ExNavigator blogpost

Navigating from screen to screen is a basic feature of most apps and touches a lot of surface area. To address some of the needs of real-world apps we built ExNavigator, a component that delegates to the Navigator that React Native includes. It is more opinionated and has the notion of an ExRoute, which defines how each screen looks and behaves. We use ExNavigator in production-quality projects and its development is guided by actual needs. This post explains the ideas that are in ExNavigator and how we use it so you can assess whether it is useful for your project, too.

ex-navigator on GitHub

Route-centric navigation built on top of React Native's Navigator