React Native v0.32.0-rc.0 released

v0.32.0-rc.0 on GitHub (npm)

Breaking changes

  • NavigationExperimental: Rename renderOverlay to renderHeader (ca85311) - @hedgerwang
  • NavigationExperimental: Stop using absolute position for NavigationHeader. (38979f9) - @hedgerwang


New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements


New features and enhancements
  • Add UI to show intercepted network information in the inspector (ecea0ce) - @lebronJ
  • Intercept XMLHttpRequest network operations and gather their information in inspector tool (f20d5ed) - @lebronJ
  • Enable websocket interception in RN network inspector tool (43f73f6) - @lebronJ
  • Add method popN() to Navigator. (bbe95c2)
  • Add TextInput.dataDetectorTypes prop. (15bf2c5)
  • Add partial support for symlinks in packager (5cf7f04) - @Kureev
  • Don't collect warnings if yellow box is disabled (654a360) - @davidaurelio
  • Improve error message when packager is not running (73f3713) - @javache
  • Add a statusBarHeight prop for NavigationHeader (341b29d) - @corbt