React Native v0.26.0 released

v0.26.0 on GitHub (npm)

Breaking changes

  • React API must be now required from react package (previously a warning on 0.25)
  • setBridge is no longer called on the main thread - 34ec6a9

New features

Bug fixes

  • Fix potential "Should never unset includeInLayout" invariant - ecae44a
  • Fix initial scenes rendering in NavigationExperimental - 81c62c5
  • Fix incorrect layout for modal - 85f7569
  • Fix stroke bug in ART - 4e5c85b
  • Fix a bug in asset server when using relative project roots - 3881694
  • Fix flow definitions for react-native - 248879f 91d4a09
  • Removed exported constants for fixed-size views - c1aff6b
  • Fix usage of react-native cli inside package.json scripts - 8295d27
  • Fix WebSocket compatibility with event-target-shim ^1.0.5 - 8891f22
  • Fix JSWatchdog reset - 1d802da
  • Fix Animated setValue to work properly on natively driven nodes - 6c80f88
  • Fixed path to regenerator-runtime - ec5016a
  • Fix HMR preset - a2ee5bd


New features
  • Add ability to disable scroll on ViewPager - 5a93877
  • Add ability to expose sync hooks from Java to JS - 50d8d46
  • Add an option to load the Boost library from the filesystem - bc32e06
  • Add Support for Animated.add in native animations - b5375bd
  • Add support for setChildren - 3a5457c
Bug fixes
  • Fix crash in AdsManager by no longer assuming only one react context exists at once - 0a7a228
  • Fix crash caused by accessibility being turned on and using a Modal - 57c40d9
  • Fix Popover location in Events - 8e7ea11
  • Fix NullPointerException in setFontWeight method - 1fb8643
  • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in MapView - 446d7b7
  • Fix undefined ref in PullRefreshViewAndroid - d586daa
  • Fix events bubbling out of the Popover - eb21b25
  • Fix ReactNativeART arc drawing - 1af4760
  • Fix ClassCastException inside TextInput - f323b02
  • Fix textShadowOffset error without width or height - 3f0207d


Breaking changes
  • Add flag "-lc++" for all checked-in projects - 8aa82d3
New features
  • Add support for delete animation in LayoutAnimation - baa3668
  • Add support for badge icon number and alert action when scheduling local notification - 84e6968
Bug fixes
  • Fix deadlock during app startup - 9547a98
  • Fix RCTJavaScriptContextCreatedNotification - e195bf9
  • Fix autocomplete in rich-text editing mode for CJK text input - 91dcc9a
  • Fix some issues with zero fontSizeMultiplier causing RCTShadowText measure function to return an infinite height - 362738a
  • Fix memory leak with cookieMap in RCTJSCExecutor - 32a8949
  • Fix images not displaying with HTTP response 301 - 192ab66
  • Fix pressing a stack frame in Redbox not opening an editor - 037e9ba