React Native v0.23.0 released

v0.23.0 on GitHub (npm)

This release includes Android support for Modal.

New features

  • Add ability to silence packager logs to stdout - d5445d5
  • Add the possibility to console.error/redbox on promise rejections - f87b673
  • Add more performance logs and improve Systrace support - f6853b8
  • Initial implementation of the Navigator with NavigationExperimental. - fa5783e
  • <Incremental> for incremental rendering - f21da3a
  • Add ability to specify custom left, right components, and title component in NavigationExperimental's NavigationHeader. Style the NavigationHeader according to the Platform - 720c76f (Breaking)

Bug fixes

  • Update node-haste and replace fast-path with node-haste's version to fix Windows compatibility - fd816b1
  • Fix bug #5604 - Unrecognised signal for touchable no longer on the screen - d637621
  • Update Layout.c to fix flexbox layout bug - 6c5195f
  • Transform before extracting dependencies - 9d09efd
  • Refactor bezier implementation from bezier-easing library - b5985cf
  • Inline __accept call so that source maps work with HMR bcb37c0


New features
  • Modal now works on Android
  • Add missing textAlignVertical support on android TextView - d20bde3
  • Add support for elevation in DrawerLayoutAndroid - 61483aa
  • Add JS Minify option to settings in Android - 1f94a00
  • Make run-android execute the app on all connected devices - 10ad47a
  • Add support for multiple JS contexts - 872b697
  • Make JS perf API available to JS - 6e3710f
Bug fixes
  • Fix setting android toolbar images after null them - 8aa83a2
  • Add StatusBar height constant and improve implementation - 18f38ec
  • Fix event dispatcher timestamp sorting bug - f5a3490
  • Fix RCTText crashing when negative width is passed to measure - c42fc61
  • Fix text input scroll when status bar is translucent - c76523f
  • Fix race condition in refactored bridge code - 0cb7d16
  • Convert Image resizeMode contain to FIT_CENTER - 2070efa


New features
  • Adding Pre-Parsing cache & StringRef to iOS 8's JSC - 22e55d4
  • Add lineBreakMode prop to Text - 64a09fe
  • Add blur effect to RCTImageView - 9cb3ec9
Bug fixes
  • Fix sticky header touch handling bug - 688bb17
  • Update AppState to support the inactive state - ec9efb8