React Native v0.21.0 released

v0.21.0 on GitHub (npm)

New features

  • Added NavigationExperimental a308546
  • Added ability to switch React Native version in documentation website 6c7991c 6c7991c
  • Replace String.prototype.contains with String.prototype.includes polyfill 2f73ad0 577206f
  • Make Chrome debugger faster 64d56f3
  • Added accessibility props for Touchables 33d8db5
  • Better warnings when running packager on Node < 4 e1f04bf
  • Expose option for distance filtering on location updates 109036b
  • Don't automatically render more rows when dataSource updates d2ab6ca
  • Allows RefreshControl to be mounted with refreshing = true 3e1f1ea
  • Add support for number as colors 1c11276
  • Re-render the whole navigation bar while calling immediatelyResetRouteStack 7b57b5c
  • Support for back button in NavigationExperimental 7b2b0c3
  • Stop warning about using onWillFocus and onDidFocus 5ca9245
  • Let the module cache depend on transform options 727a2a9
  • Added deprecatedCallback helper 8eddead
  • Don't show underlay if no press handlers e93afad
  • Return remover function when adding NetInfo listener 1c507e6
  • Added guide for getting started on Linux 2260d90
  • Use ES6 import instead of require in docs 3ae99d0
  • Packager: Remove unused support for asynchronous dependencies 7c03b16
  • Added two new apps to showcase (Choke and MyPED) 0f850b4 272096c

Bug fixes

  • Remove React dev tools upsell until it's supported 184c708
  • Fix inspector for displaying styles' value 97b8a57
  • Fix bug when multiGet requests with overlapping key sets get issued 52755fd
  • Add missing Children.toArray 7cbad9f
  • Improve copyright year in docs de3b942
  • Fix StyleInspector warning about unique key prop 97741af


New features
  • Expose Dimension.get('screen') 228a1fe
  • Return object with remove method from BackAndroid.addEventListener 8f6e074
  • Added .setItems() integration for Android AlertDialog 4fd115f
  • Cache image resource ids fef4196
  • Use new DisplayMetrics object in getDisplayMetrics 6ac007b
  • Add better error messages on js bundle downloads 81dc884
  • WebWorkers: Pass bridge to JS executors cf7a97c
  • Allow use external typeface in native code 17fcc94
  • Support corner radius 4937a4c
  • Document working with Android Studio abdca04
  • Document DatePicker and TimerPicker 05e4236
  • Consume artifacts from npm 702f999
  • Add Object.getPropertyNames() and Object.toJSONMap APIs bab4818
  • Format exceptions correctly when crashing 0b89b18
  • Strip devsupport from prod builds 8720d4b
  • Add 'file://' prefix to sourceURL when loading a script from a file f2a60a2
Bug fixes
  • Fix proguard template for ReactProp and ReactPropGroup 10c0758
  • Fix issue that breaks scroll views w/ RefreshControl on Android 9879717
  • Fix race in Catalyst tests 294185a
  • Snapshot BackAndroid event listeners while an event is dispatched 9040315
  • Fix icon handling 142f8c9
  • Fix "POST has no body" a7521a2


New features
  • More helpful description for native-js prop mismatch 375abc3
  • Add support for textAlign on iOS multiline text input 7b22606
  • Expose flow events to JS + add JS -> Native flows c00049c
  • Add ability to listen and dismiss local notifications 758d9e8
  • Restricted image decoding to 2 simultaneous threads 915e582
  • Make JS async always the top thread in systrace 84f51da
Bug fixes
  • Fix 404 error on ShadowPropTypesIOS documentation 736e900
  • Fix XMLHttpRequest.abort() not functional 995b66d
  • Fix promises on iOS to no longer wrap values in Arrays c9a1956