React Native v0.18.0 released

v0.18.0 on GitHub (npm)

New features

  • Use React from NPM - 5bf1f4c
  • Support onLayout and onContentSizeChange attributes on ListView - 3cfcd40
  • Animated.multiply and Animated.add to combine animated values - 3eb32cb
  • Cross platform PullToRefreshView component - 44f7a00
  • Add <Text> shadow support - 4972cab

Bug fixes

  • Fix ImmediatelyResetRouteStack does not update Navigator's title - 67c6afd
  • Fix pop method to properly refresh the navigatorBar - e62471b
  • Fix app crash caused by TextInput - 53d18c8
  • Fix error when navigationBar is set back to null - 0b63571
  • Pipe transform errors through transformation pipelines - 3ef6f9f


New features
  • Add support for custom Android views - 1fabd86
  • Add support for onScrollBeginDrag/End and onMomentumScrolBegin/End events - fcf0431
  • Add a base activity named ReactActivity
  • Add deep linking support to IntentAndroid with getInitialURL - eb188c8
  • Add contentInsetStart and contentInsetEnd properties to ToolbarAndroid - 7164c75
  • Allow turning on/off DOM storage on WebView - 6793128
  • Open source ART for Android - 27ac047
  • Add support for split build per architecture - 10a17c6
  • Add support for alert() on Android - 9bf7c71
Bug fixes
  • Fix crash where measure is called with a view that is now off screen and removed from clipping - bafbe5e
  • Fix when navigating to a URL loading finished is reported with the old URL in WebView - b436943
  • Update dev menu to keep track of element inspector - c74d640
  • Fix crash in NetInfo in case the network permission is missing - f168fc3
  • Fix WebView failed to show UTF-8 characters - e4272b4


New features
  • Add ability to use a custom view for MapView annotations - f9dfb90
  • Implement draggable annotations on MapView - b8aac8b
  • Add option for both min/max track image to SliderIOS - 4cb7752
  • Support dashed and dotted border styles - 15aa146
  • Add support for binary type data (ArrayBuffer) to WebSocket - afbff9b
  • Adds getSize() method to Image to retrieve the width and height of an image prior to displaying it - 718cd79
  • Add a method to get current status bar height - 52220a9
Bug fixes
  • Fix getCurrentPosition faling on first try - f48dbbe
  • Fix <Image source={{ uri: null }} /> crashing - f940e7c
  • Fix iOS 7 support for URL query functions - ccd8f99

Breaking changes

  • To enable JavaScript in Android WebView, use javaScriptEnabled instead of javaScriptEnabledAndroid.