React Native v0.17.0 released

v0.17.0 on GitHub (npm)

High-level changes

  • Added Android WebView 8cd7730
  • New Alert API that works both on iOS and Android 3a3af8a
  • Exposed navigator.product for detecting the React Native in javascript. Note to webpack users: due to a .json file being required, you may need json-loader
  • Wrapped the UIManager native module in javascript for better abstraction 60db876
  • Fixed react-native bundle failure on Windows 10 710b443
  • Fixed getting a Navigator navigationBar by reference df70005
  • Fixed packager assetRoots argument being ignored 802aef9
  • Fixed that inspecting a stateless component would cause a crash c489660
  • Added new Clipboard component on iOS and Android. Previously named RCTPasteboard on iOS 90c7ad1
  • Fixed using require("./image") sources in development on Windows fe3686e


  • Allow specifying a custom file path for JSC profiler output aaffb23
  • Added Image onLoadX support ae09a10
  • Open-sourced Android unit tests c0f60d2
  • Added support for passing ImagePipelineConfig to FrescoModule, for improved Fresco configurability 4890424
  • Experimental support for LayoutAnimation, needs to be manually enabled using UIManager.setLayoutAnimationEnabledExperimental 593a45e
  • Added support for NetInfo cf892a9
  • Added RTL (right-to-left) support to ToolbarAndroid c8eed6a
  • Added loadingIndicatorSrc property to Image, similar to iOS defaultSource, for displaying something while loading a38cd5c
  • Added support for double type in ReactPropGroup c0c8e7c
  • Added support for rotateX and rotateY transforms to views 96553cf


  • Fixed flaky rich-text TextInput scrolling b5be05d
  • Allow a custom SliderIOS thumb image 9fc3991
  • Allow custom colors and images on MapView annotations 5b5b550
  • Added polyline support to MapView: draw lines between two points with a custom color and width 8911b72
  • Added new didSetProps callback for configuring views or shadow views after setting props f86691a
  • Fixed onFocus/onBlur events for multiline TextInput 01a0fac
  • Fixed a MapView crash on iOS 8 by adding a forked implementation c63de5e
  • Added excludedActivityTypes to ActionSheetIOS 0f0b578
  • Added secure-text and login-password input types to AlertIOS. Also fixed cancel button highlighting and localization support for OK/Cancel labels f025049
  • Added blurOnSubmit support to multiline TextInput. This mimics behavior of hitting return in a single line input. 3704257
  • Fixed TextInput regression on iOS 8 and below 6d29f71
  • Fixed interrupted scrolling in nested ScrollViews 67bf0f1
  • Allow specifying a string for the systemIcon TabBarIOS property dd9c1e1
  • Added LinkingIOS support for Universal Links f4c286f
  • Added a style property to PickerIOS, allowing custom font sizes, colors and alignment e2c35dd
  • Added tintColor for ActionSheetIOS buttons 86bb656

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated RCTRootView initialProperties property was removed bf0934a
  • Scrollview support was removed from UIManager 38db6fa
  • iOS native module bridge.modules was deprecated in favor of bridge.moduleClasses or -[bridge moduleForName/Class:. This allows for efficiently lazy-loading native modules 060664f