React Native v0.15.0 and v0.16.0-rc released

v0.15.0 on GitHub (npm)

Breaking Change

Upgrade to Xcode 7: React Native uses Objective-C generics

Changes since 0.15.0-rc

v0.16.0-rc on GitHub (npm)

High-level changes


  • Android supports custom fonts; only TTF and OTF for now. bfeaa6a
  • The Android ViewPager gets setPageWithoutAnimation. 50b8b00
  • Images within a TextView, i.e. emojis, are now supported. a0268a7
  • The Android performance profiler, Systrace, gets thorough documentation. d2c5045


  • The keyboardAppearance prop was added to iOS TextInput. Useful for displaying a dark keyboard. f407211
  • AsyncLocalStorage gets an in-memory cache. 397791f
  • TextInput supports the onSelectionChange event. 5a34a09
  • iOS RCTPasteboard was released. Useful for copy-to-clipboard behavior. 26cb6be

Breaking Changes

  • Touch events on Android now have coordinates consistent with iOS: 0c2ee5d
  • YellowBox enabled by default: 8ab5182
  • React Native now uses Babel 6 (props to tadeuzagallo for upgrading!). We've been using React Native with Babel 6 at Facebook for quite a while now. Nevertheless, please report any errors related to Babel, such as transforms for some JS features not working as expected and we'll fix them.
  • Decorators won't work until T2645 lands in Babel.
  • Exporting default class that extends a base class won't work due to Babel's T2694.
  • RCTSparseArray was replaced by NSDictionary. Modules using RCTSparseArray should update. fa0b45c
  • RCTWebViewExecutor was removed. 0764e4e