React Native Package Manager

Oh, the joy of npm (@2 maybe?)! Something you're going to miss when handling Native projects.
The struggle is so real that the OpenSource community had to fix it by itself (until now?).

Now picture that sweet packaging sensation for your React Native iOS and Android projects. Done?
Here is the latest artwork from Mike Grabowski and Kureev Alexey.

rnpm on GitHub

React Native Package Manager built to ease your daily React Native development. Inspired by Cocoapods, fastlane and react-native link it acts as your best friend and guides you through the native unknowns. It aims to work with almost all packages available with no extra configuration required.

# Installation
$ npm install rnpm -g
# Usage
$ npm install react-native-module --save
$ rnpm link react-native-module

Now imagine if you were to able to connect all the dots of your Development workflow.
That's what rnpm's plugin system is for, and ptmt is showing the way.

rnpm-plugin-apphub on GitHub

Build, export and upload iOS app to AppHub Cloud

  npm install rnpm-plugin-apphub

  # 0. commit
  git commit -am "Add new screen to statistics"

  # 1. build
  xcodebuild -scheme $SCHEME archive -archivePath $ARCHIVE_PATH

  # 2. export
  xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath $ARCHIVE_PATH \
    -exportPath $IPA_PATH -exportOptionsPlist $PLIST \

  # 3. upload
  rnpm apphub [appid] [token]