React Native v0.6.0 and v0.7.0-rc released


Inspect Element
Switch to Babel
Background Color Propagation
Performance Tooling
New Features
  • Implement merge functionality on AsyncStorage
  • Add custom delay props to
  • now supports a renderSeparator prop
  • Support fetching videos from Camera Roll
Bug Fixes
  • Use a faster implementation of crc32
  • Warn when trying to require a native component that doesn't exist
  • Fix XHR.status which is a number and not a string
  • Use JSC C API for a 10-15% perf improvement in this particular bridge function
  • Add better error messages when using react-native-cli incorrectly
  • Geolocation now invalidates timer after success or error callback
  • Upgrade Travis to the latest version of Xcode
  • Remove useless setInterval on ListView
  • Many Navigator small fixes
  • Fix accessibility issue with ScrollView
  • Fix itemList updates on PickerIOS
  • Better resolution rules for node_modules in packager and support packages with . in the name


Improved Profiler
New Features
  • Add assetRoots and projectRoots flags to the bundle CLI command to conform with packager
  • Add support for incremental updates to XMLHttpRequest (e00b9ac and UIExplorer for more details)
  • Add map type property (standard, satellite, hybrid) to MapView
  • Add getScrollResponder to ScrollView-based components, such as ListView, to allow for better composability
  • File upload via XHR FormData
  • Support textAlign: 'justify' on iOS
  • Add support for JavaScript async functions to RCTEXPORTMETHOD (90439ce - also see @ide's blog post)
  • Documentation added for Animations, Direct Manipulation (setNativeProps), Navigator vs NavigatorIOS comparison, ActionSheetIOS, Accessibility and various other improvements.
  • Add scale support for base-64 encoded images
  • Automatically dismiss red box error screen on live reload for a better development experience
  • Packager has a new module resolution algorithm that more closely matches Node's for node_modules
  • Improved packager performance by lazily building the dependency graph asynchronously
Bug Fixes
  • Allow external libraries to define React Native modules instead of previously requiring everything to be compiled together as one library (e9095b2)
  • Text layout bug on screen rotation
  • Update curRenderedRowsCount when data source changes - fixes need to sometimes force a re-render of ListView
  • Fix AnimationExperimental for 32bit devices when fromValue is double
  • Enable textAlign for TextInput