React Native 0.4.3 is out

New Features

  • Websocket polyfill
  • AlertIOS.prompt()
  • letterSpacing style property for
  • borderTopLeftRadius, borderTopRightRadius... style property on

Breaking Changes

  • ref.getNativeHandle() and ref.getNodeHandle() no longer exist. The replacement is React.findNodeHandle(ref)
  • If you were using the undocumented createReactIOSNativeComponentClass or ReactIOSViewAttributes to create iOS wrappers, now you should use requireNativeComponent


  • Update flow to 0.11
  • Update jest to 0.4.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fix packager with folders that have space inside
  • Fix thread safety for RCTImageLoader
  • Properly support overflow: 'visible' on
  • measure callback can no longer be invoked if the component has unmounted
  • No longer require ruby dependency
  • UIExplorer icon shows up on the home screen
  • Changing left icon now works on F* ix edge cases in