One React Native (Form) Component to rule them all

If you haven't met Farid Safi's work yet, suffice to say he's building a whole set of well thought out Components for you to use in React Native apps.

There would be almost no need to talk about its built-in Widgets and its extendible API, but we just did. Check it out:

react-native-gifted-form on GitHub

Form component for React-Native

Available widgets
  • TextInputWidget - A text input
  • TextAreaWidget - A text area
  • GooglePlacesWidget - A Google Places picker based on react-native-google-places-autocomplete
  • ModalWidget - A route opener for nested forms
  • GroupWidget - A widgets container with a title
  • HiddenWidget - A non-displayed widget. The value will be passed to SubmitWidget
  • LoadingWidget - A loader
  • RowWidget - A touchable row with title/image
  • SelectCountryWidget - A country picker. Flags made by
  • SelectWidget - A select menu
  • SeparatorWidget - A 10px widgets separator
  • SubmitWidget - A submit button that trigger form validators and error displaying
  • SwitchWidget - A switch
  • DatePickerIOSWidget - Date picker for iOS
  • NoticeWidget - A notice information - PR wanted for onPress handler
  • DayPickerWidget (Not ready for production) - A cross platform date picker. If you want to use it please submit a PR with ISO weeks support (weeks starting on monday) and a prop to set the years range

Gifted Form