Keep your Contacts closer with React Native

If you're in need of some way to handle and interact with your Contacts in your app, these modules got you covered.


Easily call, email, text or iMessage someone in React Native


This is a React Native Module for accessing an iOS AddressBook

Currently only supports READ access but hope to add full CRUD support

React Native AddressBook

Interact with the iOS AddressBook

  • checkPermission - checks app's permission to access AddressBook.
  • requestPermission - requests app permission to access AddressBook.
  • getContacts - returns all contacts as an array of objects
  • addContact - adds a contact to the AddressBook.


A react-native wrapper on top of apple's MFMailComposeViewController.



React Native module bridge to iOS MFMessageComposeViewController


React Native module bridge to obtain information about the user’s home cellular service provider.

Makes use of the following native iOS classes: CTTelephonyNetworkInfo & CTCarrier