It's time to learn React Native, check: Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native

If you feel ready to start learning React Native, but you don't know where to start, then look no further.
Manuel Kiessling of The Node Beginner Book fame has an early release of this book ready for us, and the same book is going to get its continuous free updates on Leanpub.

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Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native

Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native
With this book, you can leverage your existing JavaScript experience and be a highly productive app developer from day one, thanks to the React Native framework developed by Facebook which allows to create blazingly fast and fluid native iOS apps by writing JavaScript code.

The book is still very much work in progress and a bit rough around the edges, but for those who want to dive in and begin creating mobile iOS apps with React Native, it already provides a valuable jump-start.

What's in for now?

Already at 81 pages, these chapters are included in this first version:

  • Status
  • Intended audience
  • Prerequisites
Setting up your development environment
  • Installing Homebrew
  • Installing Node.js
  • Installing Watchman
  • Installing Google Chrome
  • Installing the React Native CLI
Creating your first native iOS application using React Native
  • Creating the app structure
  • Starting the app
  • Working on the code
React Native architecture explained
  • A closer look at application creation
  • How the different parts play together
  • Feeding JavaScript code into the app
  • Modern JavaScript in React Native
Creating a first real app: BookBrowser
  • Preparing the new application
  • Planning the app
  • Building the first screen
  • Styling UIs with stylesheets
  • The Flexbox system explained
  • Adding text input
  • Of points and pixels
  • Handling events
  • JavaScript Expressions in JSX
  • Logging and debugging
  • Live reloading
  • Setting up app screen navigation
  • Navigating to a second screen
  • Component properties - props
  • Retrieving data over the network with the fetch API
  • Component state
  • Showing results with a ListView
  • Displaying images
  • Adding a book details screen

Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native