How to make Facebook Reactions in React Native

Do you think you you can keep up the pace with React Native and its community?
We just recently talked about react-native-emoji and today we're learning that we're getting inline image support in React Native.
We also mentioned Facebook's Reactions, and a couple of days after we have a great tutorial straight from the man who animates all the things: Jason Brown!

How to make Facebook Reactions blogpost

Facebook reactions is a new liking system that Facebook is trialing on a limited basis. Why wait for them to roll it out when we can roll it out ourselves.

Thanks to Engadget who created a gif of the animations from a youtube video. After a little slicing up and conversion from white to transparent we have a nice bunch of terrible animated gifs… but they’re animated so deal with it. Like/Love aren’t transparent since imagmagick was destroying the white in them.

This code will target .12 and above, running on .11 seemed to cause some slightly different layout issues. I’ve fixed them on RNPlay, so just a heads up. The difference is add height:50 to our likeContainer.

Facebook Reactions in React Native