Gesture recognizer decorators for React Native

We previously covered Johannes Lumpe's experiments in Gesture detection in React Native and appreciated his findings and insights on the subject.
We're happy to hear that his works has improved to the point that he has released a gesture decorator package which contains two decorators ready for use.

react-native-gesture-recognizers on GitHub

React Native gesture recognizer decorators. Just decorate your component and easily respond to pans and swipes!

Fixing ghost panning – a reboot article on his Blog

In my last post about gesture decorators I came up with a rather crude solution to fix the ghost panning issue. It turns out that there is a much cleaner, much more elegant solution to this problem.

Why does ghost panning appear at all? It’s because our wrapping elements take up as much space as possible – due to flexbox. So what if we could force the wrappers to effectively display like an inline item, so that it would only take up as much space as necessary?

Pan exampleSwipe example