Firebase now works with React Native

Firebase keeps growing strong, even stronger after being aquired by Google. Just yesterday they shared the amazing number (it's over 190 thousand) of apps being backed their platform. Today James Tamplin announced Firebase support for React Native at Google I/O.

Firebase databases deliver a stream of realtime updates to your data model. With Firebase and React, it’s effortless to create components that automatically update in realtime. The two pair beautifully together.

If you’re not familiar with React — and for more details on using it with Firebase — our very own Jacob Wenger wrote this excellent introduction to Firebase and React, which explains the basics of React in more detail.

How to get started

Once you’ve created your React Native app, just head to your nearest terminal and enter these magic characters to install Firebase via npm:

npm install firebase --save  

Then, in your JavaScript code just softly whisper

var Firebase = require('firebase');  

and all the power of the Firebase JavaScript SDK and React Native will be yours!

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