Exponent app for React Native developers

Exponent is a fantastic Development Tool that will unleash React Native developer skills by enabling you to develop and test iOS apps without the need for Xcode or even a Mac! Only thing you'll need is React Native and a iOS 8+ device.

Actually, Exponent is so advanced that will let you simulate an iOS device in your browser.
If you were impressed by the React Native Playground now all of that power is a command away from you.
Again, all of this is possible thanks to the Appetize.io's iOS & Android Simulators in the Browser.



With Exponent, you can write React Native experiences with any computer and a text editor and a phone. No need for Xcode or a simulator.

How to

Share an App with Exponent

npm install -g exp

  • As you would do with npm or bower, init your project:

exp init YourAppName

  • Share your app from YourAppName folder

exp start

Run an Exponent App on a iOS 8+ Device

  • Point to exp.host and download the Exponent App to get started.
  • Click on a exp:// url from your device (either ran or being shared with you)

Run an Exponent App in the Browser

  • Follow the How to - Share an App with Exponent section steps

  • From the YourAppName folder

exp web

and that's it, Exponent is serving your App straight from your computer by hosting it with ngrok: