Deep Diving React Native Debugging

One of the greatest features of React Native, that makes it feels magic, is being able to develop a Native App with the constant feeling that you're writing just another JavaScript software.
The illusion is so good that its Developer Experience is on par (if not superior) to classic Web Development.

But even if all this goodness feels so, here there's no magic, but thousands of hours of great work.
This post from Shaheen Ghiassy demystifies React Native Debugging and will let you appreciate it even more.

Deep Diving React Native Debugging blogpost on Medium

If you’re like me, when you saw how easy debugging React Native applications was, you were mind-blown. Setting breakpoints in Google Chrome to control your iOS device seemed like magic and sorcery. But if you’re like me, you also distrust magic in programming. Magic must be understood so that it turns into engineering fact & competence. This article attempts to demystify React Native Debugging so that you understand the technical details behind it.

The various actors in a typical React Native application