Customizable Vector Icons for React Native

When it comes right down to Icons we all feel they're never enough, that's why we're adding Joel Arvidsson's Vector Icons to our list. For this and the awesome Component he's being building for us.

react-native-vector-icons on GitHub

Choose from 2800 icons or use your own.

Perfect for buttons, logos and tab bars. Easy to extend, style and integrate into your project.

You can either use one of the bundled icons or roll your own custom font. Currently available options for bundled icon sets are:

  • Entypo by Daniel Bruce (411 icons)
  • EvilIcons by Alexander Madyankin & Roman Shamin (v1.7.6, 68 icons)
  • FontAwesome by Dave Gandy (v4.3, 519 icons)
  • Foundation by ZURB, Inc. (v3.0, 283 icons)
  • Ionicons by Ben Sperry (v2.0.1, 733 icons)
  • MaterialIcons by Google, Inc. (v2.0, 796 icons)
  • Zocial by Sam Collins (v1.0, 100 icons)