Cordova Plugin adapter for React Native

Wouldn't it be extraordinary if React Native could leverage the already existing native capabilities of one of the most widely used mobile framework out there?
Yes, we're talking about Cordova plugins.

The idea originally gathered some interests, then left behind until recently Parashuram N. gave it new life.
He might even started a new (but long awaited) trend, enters react-native-cordova-plugin:

react-native-cordova-plugin on GitHub

Using Cordova Plugins in React Native (Android) blogpost


The Cordova plugin ecosystem is diverse and rich. Many native device capabilities are already available as a plugin with a W3C like Javascript API in most cases.
Using them to access native capabilities from React Native can be done using Cordova plugins without having to rewrite all those plugins.


Navigate to the root of your ReactNative project and install npm install react-native-cordova-plugin --save. Then follow the steps below

His work is not done yet, read: he could get some help.