A YouTube component for React Native

Great things come to those who provide great user experiences.
And if you're providing video playbacks, nothing's better than YouTube.

Param Aggarwal has shared it's wrapper component for the official YouTube-Player-iOS-Helper.

react-native-youtube on GitHub

A YouTube component for React Native.

<YouTube /> component

  videoId="KVZ-P-ZI6W4" // The YouTube video ID
  play={true}           // control playback of video with true/false
  hidden={false}        // control visiblity of the entire view
  playsInline={true}    // control whether the video should play inline

  onReady={(e)=>{this.setState({isReady: true})}}
  onChangeState={(e)=>{this.setState({status: e.state})}}
  onChangeQuality={(e)=>{this.setState({quality: e.quality})}}
  onError={(e)=>{this.setState({error: e.error})}}

  style={{alignSelf: 'stretch', height: 300, backgroundColor: 'black', marginVertical: 10}}