A pull to refresh ListView for React Native

We already covered Components that implement a pull to refresh ListView, Syrus Akbary indeed has been inspired by Refresher and react-native-refreshable-listview for his own Component that also supports custom animations.

react-native-refresher on GitHub

A pull to refresh ListView for React Native completely written in js. Also supports custom animations.

class Content extends React.Component {  
  constructor() {
    this.ds = new ListView.DataSource({rowHasChanged: (r1, r2) => r1 !== r2});
    this.state = {
      dataSource: this.ds.cloneWithRows(["Row 1", "Row 2"]),
  onRefresh() {
    // You can either return a promise or a callback
    this.setState({dataSource:this.fillRows(["Row 1", "Row 2", "Row 3", "Row 4"])});
  render() {
    return (
      <View style={{flex:1}}>
          indicator={<LoadingBarIndicator />}
          renderRow={(rowData) => <View style={{padding:10,borderBottomColor: '#CCCCCC', backgroundColor: 'white',borderBottomWidth: 1}}><Text>{rowData}</Text></View>}

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